15 Genius Powder Room Ideas

Powder rooms are usually pretty small and tough to design. Everybody has this small room and they don’t know what to do with it and how to make it look good! I found 15 genius powder room ideas for you, so you can get inspired and ready to renovate!


Minosa Design did an amazing job with my favorite powder room design. They went ultra modern and created a marble wall (I think this is a quartz or porcelain material) and mounted a floating vanity to it. Floating vanities help small rooms to appear bigger by showing more of the flooring! If you want to go really crazy, you can go with a faucet as shown hear, but a common wall mounted faucet would full fill the purpose as well because in this case, you can go with a shallower sink, which gives you a lot more space within the room itself. If this design is still not stunning enough, a LED strip integrated into the ceiling will give you an extra ‘WOW factor’!


Light it up! We all know how important the right light setting is for the design. But what the polish creative agency Plasterlina did in this Warsaw apartment is something totally different. They used Edison bulbs and its wires to actually create a wall sculpture. This is an amazing idea to design an interesting detail for a small space. By using a pattern in the tile, they created the right amount of texture what makes the whole space complete!


Want to go more industrial? Why not use a brick veneer and put a LED strip above it?! With the simplest materials in a small room, you can create the most stunning designs! The best designs are always the ones who look simple but are supporting all technical factors and just make it work! Have I ever mentioned that wall mounted toilets are my favorites?


Shallow sinks usually come hand in hand with powder rooms. The only purpose they’ll full fill is cleaning the hands. Brushing teeth or washing hair is not something you do in powder rooms so often. The only thing is that you need to figure out how to install a shallow sink! In this case, int2 architecture from Russia used wooden wall paneling, which comes together to floating shelves, which are carrying the sink and also offer some countertop storage. By using wall panels, which don’t go all the way up to the ceiling, you create a horizontal line, which lets the room appear bigger.


When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you have to use the little one you have in a smart way! Zolnik Design used a part of half wall, which is needed for the built-in plumbing part of the toilet, as storage. They also mixed the materials, which makes the cool, concrete looking grey feel way warmer. The same material they used for this storage unit is used for the vanity as well. Balance and simplicity are always key!


Wood, wood, and even more wood! Nobody says that you can’t create amazing patterns or textures with the same material! I think it is just genius how the designer of this little powder room used wooden planks to create a wall and ceiling paneling which is so simple but so stunning. A smart choice was for sure to turn down all the other materials, so that wood can be the highlight of the room! I love it


Isn’t this a marble dream?! It almost screams heaven! Marble looking tiles are put on the floor and walls which keeps the room extremely light and airy. But because we know that balance is key, the designer chose to use a flush built-in cabinet in a dark wood and with a slate niche. To let the powder room literally glow, LED strips got recessed in the back wall and ceiling.


This gorgeous powder room is designed by Shamsudin Kerimov. By using just two main materials, the design is simple but stunning. White marble on the walls and dark tiles on the floor and the half wall create an amazing balance between light and dark! The layout in this little room is so smart and makes me want to design every powder room in this way. Bringing back the marble in the vanity countertop is a genius idea!


Every time something glows it looks so stunning! Light has a huge impact on how we experience a room and can help that a room feels cozy, light, dangerous or relaxing. In this case, the powder room feels light and airy, by using simple materials as white painted drywall, a simple grey floor a warm stone with just a little bit of texture and pattern. The stone adds just the right amount of interest to this room, which is supported by the indirect lighting.


This powder room is a perfect example why balance is so important! Pitsou Kedem, the designer of this amazing powder room, used the same pattern of the wall tiles at the man doors to keep this pattern as a theme but everything else is so simple and sleek that it is not getting overpowering. A floating vanity helps to make a small room feel bigger!


The warmth of the wooden wall panels and the industrial lights feel so good against the grey tiles. It is the right balance between warm and cold, natural and man-made, modern and rustic. This little room is a space well used for sure!


Studio Mac shows an amazing powder room rendering with a wall mounted toilet and a back wall in white oak. At the one side they created storage and on the other side, they used a LED Strip and a gap to create a highlight in the room. It is a simple but stunning design which appears phenomenal but is made with help of simple materials and forms.


Good designs never have to be too complicated! New floors, a fresh coat of paint, some color splashes and voila! Brass on black is one of my favorite combinations and always looks so elegant. Take a look at the blog ‘bang on style’ where she transformed her powder room with help of just a few items. Good job @bangonstyle


Greens are for sure one of the trends in 2018. In this case, a green wall plays with a light floor installed in a herringbone pattern, which also continues on the wall behind the toilet. Keeping it simple is key anyways! With the plants underneath the sink, the rectangular frames and the round mirror, it is almost too much! I love the idea of using the floor as wall panels but there need to be some changes to the decoration.


This powder room shows another way of how to use flooring on walls. The same tiles which are used on the floors are also used to cover the built-in part of this wall mounted toilet. Some decorative tiles are highlighted with undercabinet lighting and in addition to that, there is also some storage integrated into this small space. Overall it is a cute little powder room!

There are many ways to upgrade your powder room with just a few materials, objects and low cost. Do you need help with redesigning your powder room? Get in touch with me via email , I would love to help you via my edesign service!


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