15 Gorgeous Black Kitchens

Black Kitchens are for sure not the most traditional style kitchens. In most cases you want to achieve a very industrial or really modern look. And by modern, I don’t mean cold and uninviting!

Let me lead you through 15 gorgeous examples, which I found online. You will be stunned how beautiful black can be!


This kitchen by the Vae Design Group is so industrial and cozy. They took an old house in the Belarus area, exposed brick and beams and voila, a master piece right here! They went with a straight modern look with panel ready appliances and no visible hardware. With using wood veneer at the tall cabinet area, they warm up the whole design and don’t great black darkness. To make it a true black kitchen, Vae Design Group chose a black high quality laminate countertop. High quality laminate is getting more popular with every year, because it is cheaper than stone, looks awesome and is extremely durable. Overall is stainless steel avoided to keep it simple and let it appear high luxury. Always keep in mind: stainless steel appliances look great, but is always better to panel them where possible, if you aim for a modern style.


Who says that modern and traditional can’t go together? This kitchen is a perfect example that they do! Within a really traditional (but stunning) European apartment, there is an ultra contemporary black kitchen. Slab fronts and no visible hardware where possible create a breathtaking room. By using a grey mirror as backsplash, this designer found an awesome alternative to the common backsplashes which are out there. A dark grey quartz countertop completes the whole design and leaves an amazing result! By the way, did anybody see this stunning pattern in the floor?


Black, black, black and white oak! What a dream! The horizontal uppers reflect the same proportion than the base cabinets! This gives a calm and quite look. By using full height panels for the tall cabinetry, the simple look gets supported as well. Again, no visible hardware and in general no fuss at the cabinetry keeps the kitchen really modern. By using white oak shelves and back panels in the open shelving, the kitchen just gets this little colour accent and warmth, that it needs. A very important point in designing a space is always the balance! Balance is key!


Next to painting cabinetry black, or using dark melamine, you also can use a wood veneer and stain it dark. In this way you still have kind of pattern on the cabinetry fronts. This kitchen also has another difference, it has a white countertop. Plain white. As in modern kitchen quite common, it is also used as backsplash. Keep it simple and elegant, in this way kitchens don’t look outdated in 10-20 years. Floating countertops are amazing and can look really great, but in this case, I don’t like it. Why? Because when you see a floating countertop, you don’t want to see on what it sits on! Don’t get me wrong, I think it still looks great, but it could be better.


Another gorgeous kitchen! It is fascinating how similar details of black kitchens are: slab doors, no visible hardware and no fuss. Simple right? Not that much, you still need to create genius details! In this case there is a great light setting, a gentle pattern in the backsplash and a wooden ceiling! Combining black kitchens with almost any kind of wood is a smart choice, because it gives it the right amount of natural warmth. And please, never ever place a WHITE receptacle plate on a DARK surface! It just hurts the eyes and is simply wrong!


See what I mean? This kitchen is stunning, but something is missing right? Do you know what it is? Correct, just the simple amount of warmth, some kind of wood would do miracles to this design and makes it perfect! But other than, the details are amazing! Look at the shadow lines at the bottom of the cabinetry AND on the bottom of the walls. This is great design right there, great and detailed orientated designing right from the beginning.


I looooove this sink area so much! This extreme dark base cabinets let this breathtaking marble pop! The brown and grey veining throughout the stone is amazing, it is to die for! Keeping the surrounding simple was for sure the right decision. Even how they staged this shelf, which is in the same marble as well, is amazing. By using off white coloured dishes, it doesn’t take away from this stunning backsplash. Have you found the electrical outlets in this image? They are at the side, not cut into this stone. Smart choice!


This black beauty is different than the other ones. It is actually following the form of the room, which is not square or rectangular at all. But it works out pretty well and with the bright wood floors, it has just the right amount of warmth. Instead of doing touch latch doors and drawers, they actually cut them into the door and drawer fronts! There are still no decorative hardware pieces used, which let it still appear modern, but gives it just a little rustic hint. The detailed ceiling is gorgeous by the way!


As we all know, a kitchen is not just cabinetry. It is the combination of cabinetry, appliances and countertop. All need to work together in perfect harmony to get an amazing designed room. This kitchen carries matching miele appliances (Oven, Steam oven and Coffee Maker), what have an elegant design and make the kitchen so practical but beautiful. The induction cooktop with a downdraft at the island keeps the design open and airy. Touch latches on the doors and even hidden finger pulls let the kitchen appear sleek and modern.


This is incredible! Who says that the cabinet fronts need to be wood? This Monolith Kitchen in Nero Marquina by Piqu as stone fronts and let this island appear as a solid stone block. It is unique and PERFECT! Look at this vein matching, every perfectionist is going to love it! Having the gas burners on top and separated as well, looks amazing! They designed this island with a thin shadow line as ‘toe kick’, so they don’t have to worry about the stone and what would happen if the floor is cricked.


Talking about perfectionism, do you see this perfect change between the two different floors? It is stunning! UltraLinx used the same details as the previous kitchens do. No visible hardware, slab doors and light surrounding! By using a white hood cover, white wall paint and white curtains, the room doesn’t look dark, even with being the blackest black I saw so far. The designer kept the whole kitchen really simple by using the same cabinet colour as countertop. My guess is that it is a special kind of laminate. It is simple and beautiful and by using under cabinet lighting in a warm white, they create a cozy atmosphere.


Even if this kitchen actually looks more grey than black, it still follows the same criteria as the previous ones. I don’t know what you think about these built in hoods, but I love how straight they are. So simple, easy and gorgeous! The beauty really lies in simplicity! This flooring is stunning by the way. The warmth in the colouring is perfect compared to the ‘cold’ looking cabinets. It is really interesting, too, how they put the wooden texture to the upper cabinets on the right side as well. They combine all the materials so perfectly.


MY. GOD! This is a black pearl! By choosing to go with the black Gaggenau ovens, they indeed made it about the black! I can’t believe how many of these black AND high luxury kitchens actually do have laminate countertops, the same thing here. But honestly, if there would me more of these awesome and high quality laminates here in North America, more people would actually go with it. By the way, if anybody knows any amazing laminate countertop brands, please let me know! And if they are able to built waterfall islands as good as this one is, please let me absolutely know!


B&B, black and brass. This is one of my most favourite combinations, ever! The black simply allows the brass to pop and look amazing. On the other hand, the brass let’s the black look so elegant! I am in love with this kitchen and this gigantic island! The drawer splits are set perfectly and together with this incredibly slim LAMINATE countertop it creates a dream kitchen. But other than that, have you realized this breathtaking architecture around this kitchen? These high ceiling together with the split in the backwall is so unique and beautiful. This is a perfect example of what happens, if you design it right from the beginning.


Number 15 is a relatively small kitchen but is stunning! I love how they combined the black with a black pattern in the tiles to an amazing detail. Don’t even let me get started on this custom hood! A rectangle out of glass defines the area, where the hood (which is integrated in the ceiling) sucks the moisture and everything else from the cooking area. It is simple and modern but practical. I love it when things appear so easy and simple but make totally sense AND are actually usable. I am all about designing for the people who will use the spaces. It makes no sense to design something, nobody can use!

I could go on and on with awesome designs, but this would take forever! Thank you so much for stopping here and take a look at these beautiful designs. If you have any other black beauties, pleeeeease send them to me, I would love to publish them!


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