15 Modern Fireplace Designs

These 15 beautiful modern fireplace designs are so gorgeous and still easy to duplicate if you want to incorporate one of the designs in your own place! Do you need help with the design work or you are not sure how to do it? Just get in touch with me, I would love to help you realize your dream home!


Elegant designs are usually the most simplest ones! This design by FGR Architects ( PHOTOGRAPHY Peter Bennetts| INTERIOR STYLING Hunter May Designs) shows a rectangular drywalled and dark painted fireplace with a vertical niche for wooden logs. It is a gas fireplace, so there would not be the need of wood, but this decorating accent displays a warm and cozy feeling. It makes the design feels welcoming! This is such a modern design but it simply shows how warm and inviting it can be!


Celebrating the genius of the late, great Wendell Castle and the design talent of Hadas Dembo in this vignette by @misenscenedesign featuring his “Day After Day” coffee table. What an amazing mixture of architectural features and design furniture!


Black and a light wood is probably one of my favourite combinations! Seeing a fireplace – TV situation figured out as well makes this design so exciting! Having a TV above a fireplace is usually never a perfect case because the TV will sit too high. It is always the better choice to put them next to each other if you have the chance to do so!


You prefer a light and airy design? Then this living room design is probably your own little paradise! Light wall and furniture colours combined with a warm stone colour in a modern form and shape looks simply breath taking! It looks so incredible relaxing!


Even if you have a plain tile, you can create an interesting pattern and with that a design feature! This fireplace design is really simple and modern and with the grout lines an elegant wall detail is now visible above the actual fire. In this way, it is not just a plain wall and you don’t have the feeling that you would need to fill this space with artwork or something else!


Marble is a permanent trend in the interior design world. Already the ancient Rome uses marble basically everywhere! It is just such a elegant material and pattern which you will never get bored from. The Batay-Csorba Architects designed a marble feature wall with and integrated linear fireplace and a floating wooden bench underneath it. (Photograph by Doublespace Photography). Elegant and gorgeous!


This design is pure elegance! A marble wall, which is featuring a fireplace is interrupted by a vertical integrated bookshelf! By using a different material, float the little shelves and keeping it so minimalistic a beautiful fireplace got created! By choosing to go with a wooden storage system this New York City apartment has the warmth to it, which it needs! (Design I ORA studio NYC)


If a mantel is still a ‘must’ for you, maybe this design is something you can fall in love with. This modern stone mantel is perfect to still be able to feature a big artwork piece above it and combine it with almost every furniture piece you would like.


If a stone or marble fireplace feels to cold, you always can go back to wood! This doesn’t mean that you have to use a traditional design. In this case wooden wall panels are covering the asymmetric fireplace and the balance is created by a simple floating shelf and decoration above.


There it is again! Black and a light wood, isn’t beautiful? Designed by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick this fireplace is extreme minimalistic and modern but still offers a lot of storage! The designer chose to use touch latch hardware to open the cabinets and drawers so the minimalistic design gets even more elegant!


This design is amazing! It is so simple in its design which allows almost everybody to duplicate it! It actually is quite flat and is built with just few panels. The darkness of the wood goes really nice with the light wall colours! (Photo by Hulya Kolabas)


OMG, this room is so grand! Not just the metal fireplace but especially the wood panelling on the wall and ceiling. It just ties this big room together and creates a warm atmosphere. For this design a high ceiling is a must! If you only have an 8’ high ceiling, it will look too squeezed and makes your room feel even smaller!


Minimal living room for a classic renovation in Prahran. It is such a light and airy design that will work in almost every home! The only thing you need is an empty wall and then go for it. The beauty of this design is the simplicity and practicality with a lot of storage! I just love it
photo credit: @emily_bartlett_photographyarchitect: @cerastribleyarchitects


#Herringbonelove ! This fireplace is so breathtaking in its natural beauty by arranging the wooden planks in a herringbone pattern which makes it so unique. The wood is so warm and intense that you have to be careful not to overwhelm the room. In this case, you should keep the colours down and go with whites or light greys because it simply intensives the fireplace even more. DESIGN Sandy Anghie Architect| PHOTOGRAPHY Dion Robeson


When you are talking about built ins around a fireplace, this design really takes it seriously! This design is not too easy to be duplicated, but it is definitely doable. With the custom cabinets on the bottom part it is more on the expensive side as well, but you for sure won’t regret it!

That is it for now! I hope you enjoyed it and if you did I would love it if you’d leave a comment and share it.

Did you fall in love with one of the designs as well and you would love to have it in your home, but you are not sure how to do it? Simply get in touch with me and will love to help you!


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