15 Stunning White Shaker Kitchens

Nothing is more classic than a white shaker style kitchen! It is simple, elegant and depending on what materials and details you’ll use, it will never get out of style! By going with a bright color as white, it helps to let rooms appear bigger, brighter, cozy and more inviting than almost everything else. Let me show you 15 stunning white shaker kitchens and explain what makes them so amazing!

FYI, a  shaker style cabinet is characterized by a five-piece door with a recessed center panel. This door style is really simple and as soon there are more details on the door, it is usually not a shaker anymore.


This gorgeous kitchen is designed by Thomson & Cooke Architects, who are a custom residential architecture firm based in Washington, DC. They created a kitchen in a modern farmhouse style by using white shiplap on the ceiling and quite modern details as for example the square hood and full height backsplash. Thomson & Cooke did an amazing job by combining traditional elements with modern accents. I love how they used simple open shelving next to this gorgeous hood but having framed base cabinets. By choosing a light color on the cabinets and a stunning countertop, which they also use as a backsplash, this entire room feels light and airy. The right amount of warmth got added by this lovely white oak island. It is simply stunning and beautiful!


I love to show this kitchen to people who say, shaker style cabinets can’t be in a modern kitchen. Well, yes they can! It all comes to the details and finishes you use, a full height backsplash, for example, is the best way to keep a design quite modern. The decision not to use a traditional crown molding for sure helps as well! Modern kitchen designs usually try to avoid decorative hardware at all, to keep straight and modern lines, as long as it stays functional! In the end, it also comes down to what furniture pieces and fixtures you’ll choose for your new kitchen. These geometric stools and oversized light fixtures are to die for!


Bright, white, beach feeling? Here you go! This gorgeous kitchen is very classy and timeless. Shaker doors and a subway tiles backsplash is the most used combination in North America I guess. Why? Everybody does it because it is gorgeous, a safe bet and won’t go out of style quite soon. It for sure has a more traditional vibe to it but it simply works if you take a look at the white wood beams at the ceiling and this amazing wooden floor. The fact that the designer uses the island end pillars as extra storage is an amazing idea! It is not very deep but honestly, how much do you need if you need a space for glasses, vases, spices, decoration, cooking books etc? I think this solution is awesome!


White shaker doors and brass hardware, stunning but almost over done now, which is absolutely no problem! Why? What is simpler than changing hardware?! Should there be a point where you don’t like your brass hardware anymore, you can easily swop them with a different hardware of the same size. Until then, enjoy your gorgeous dream kitchen! In this case, the herringbone hardwood floor is so elegant and makes this gigantic kitchen feel so cozy and inviting, where you can imagine easily yourself in cooking for your loved ones. By the way, have you realized that almost every shaker kitchen I showed you so far has a fireclay apron front sink and a gas range!


The photo of this lovely kitchen was taken by Jacob Snavely and designed was it by Chango & Co! Focused more on the off-whites, a warm and beautiful kitchen found its place in a West Village Riverfront Residence in New York City. By paneling the dishwasher, which is next to the sink, the designer made the kitchen feel bigger and good proportioned. There is kind of an unspoken rule out there: never place two stainless steel appliances next to each other, which also includes the sink (even if it is fireclay haha 😀 ). This helps you to design a kitchen, which doesn’t look too chaotic or too busy. Even if there is a small cabinet between two appliances, it helps!


White shaker cabinets, marble, and herringbone floors look gorgeous together in this design by @kashayacointeriors. This backsplash is breathtaking and the simple range hood cabinet matches the door and drawer fronts of the whole kitchen and by using these minimalistic black knobs this room has this amazingly cute and simple feel to it. It is such an elegant kitchen, I love it when designer uses herringbone floors with white kitchens! When you look at this kitchen you just know that you’ll love it for a long time. That is an important factor you always should keep in mind when you are thinking about renovating your kitchen. You will have to live with this kitchen maybe 10-20 years and you for sure don’t want to get tired of it too fast. How can you avoid that? Don’t use to dominate patterns, colors or shape and create a space which is timeless!


I love marble backsplashes, but also quartz in amazing colors. This genius stone right here for example is a real focal point in this modern shaker kitchen. The veining in it is stunning and it kills me that I don’t know what exactly it is! So please, if anybody knows where it comes from, let me know. The designer of this project did an amazing job by using the right materials and shapes. The cabinet fronts, to begin with, are simple and elegant shaker doors but this floating breakfast table is STUNNING! It got mounted underneath the island countertop, which prevents it from moving or tilting. The same wooden material is transferred to the floating shelves on the back wall and just a little bit to the tall cabinets. It is an exciting little kitchen!


Looking for a traditional farmhouse style kitchen? Here it is! Designed by @the_fox_group_ this kitchen turned out beautifully. These built-ins are constructed in a face frame style, what basically means, that there are gables between each drawer front and also between doors. That gives it a traditional look and by using furniture kicks it even gets underlined and perfect. The white color on the cabinets is balanced with this gorgeous hardwood floor which has such a soft tone. Wallpapers are an awesome way to bring patterns or texture into a space but it needs to be enjoyed with caution! Doing too much or too less of it makes it look funny way too fast, balance is key! I love how they did the grey veining around the window with it, simply amazing!


Window backsplaaaaaash!!! In my opinion, it is one of the fascinating details! If it is done right, it looks amazing. Always keep in mind that it brings a high amount of maintenance with it because as soon as it looks dirty just a little bit, it is more disgusting than stunning. That is also the reason why you shouldn’t have your cooktop in front of this window, the oil, water and food splashes will look so messy and you are going to clean aaaaall the time. Other than that this kitchen is a modern beauty. Putting a custom panel on the fridge and freezer helps to keep the overall design calm and quiet, which leads your eyes and attention automatically to the backsplash window. The shaker profile on the cabinet fronts adds just the right amount of interest to this kitchen.


Nobody said that you have to stick with one cabinet door profile or color. By adding decorative panels to your kitchen design, you can create real highlights! Personally, I am a real fan of these pyramidic door profiles and its nude or rose color. The designer used the same thickness of the shaker profile for the thickness of the pyramidic profiles. In this way, the two different door styles look connected again and it is not getting too busy! By the way, isn’t this a gorgeous backsplash?! I love it how simple and elegant a quartz backsplash looks like!


White and the warmth of white oak. So simply beautiful and stunning! This kitchen and especially its island is a masterpiece, the side panels are stone panels with profiles!!! I haven’t seen something like that before but it looks so amazing. The designer didn’t stop with this detail tho. The shelves at the backsplash are made out of the same stone as the panels of the island, countertop, and backsplash. By finding a beautiful material and using it in the most simple way transforms it to a STUNNING material! The little black accents, which are added, just provide the right amount of interest. Such an amazing kitchen!


Appliances can make a difference in a kitchen design! This picture is a great example for that, or don’t you just love this La Cornue stove?! It provides the little color splash in this design of a white shaker kitchen and oh my god I love this stove! The backsplash shape frames in the La Cornue so beautifully that it looks so perfect. The hood is kept so simple that it doesn’t pull the attention away from the stove and the white floating shelves are helping as well! How? They give the stove air to breath and show its whole beauty without boxing it in or squeezing it visually, how upper cabinets would do. And honestly, this backsplash wouldn’t look that stunning either. Please, just take a moment and enjoy is amazingly designed kitchen!


It is typical that with bright, white cabinets, designer usually want to add a splash of color. This can happen by using a different color on the island or even use a different material (wood for example and stain it). If you do it, please make sure that everything else stays as calm and quite as possible, otherwise, your kitchen is going to look way too busy way too fast. Have you realized the stainless steel ovens next to the stainless steel fridge? It looks really heavy, doesn’t it? This area automatically draws your attention to it because it seems to be out of balance. Out of this reason, I like to put a custom panel on the fridge or have at least one other cabinet in between these appliances, to loosen up the heaviness.


What an amazing white shaker kitchen with Carrara marble and brass accents! Designed by Cottonwood Interiors (Interior design, styling & photo by @cottonwoodandco), this room looks like a little dream. I think almost everybody would love to wake up in the morning and drink their coffee in this kitchen. If you don’t know by now, I really love simplicity, harmony, and balance in designs, it helps you to feel calm and balanced yourself as well. It is not unknown that interior design can affect your health, feelings, and attitudes. Environments have a bigger impact on us as we might think! Another reason why I love this job and life!


Let me show you another traditional kitchen at the end of this blog. Casa Verde Design put together this lovely white dream and focused on many traditional elements and details. Corbels, crown molding and furniture kicks are just some of them. The classic white subway tile seams to complete this face frame kitchen and give it the final touch. I am happy as soon as I see a well-designed room which just works!

Thank you so much for popping by and taking a look at my latest post! I hope you enjoyed it and I could show you my few on some of these designs.

Hope I’ll see you again!


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