5 beautiful designer faucets

Every designer knows the struggle of finding the perfect furniture, hardware and details for their design vision and in the best case, without crushing their budget. I have found 5 beautiful designer faucets, which I would love to share with you!

1.Cocoon by Piet Boon

I fell in love with this beauty right at the moment when I saw her! This simple design is so modern, but timeless. Next to this amazing design, this wall mounted faucet is also 100% recyclable! By buying this, you don’t just do something for your eyes, you also help mother nature.

There are many different models available from Piet Boon – COCOON Collection and also different colours and materials. The classic Stainless Steel is for everybody, but Gunmetal Black or Raw Copper are just beautiful and unique!

2.Purist by Kohler

If you are looking for a faucet, which is right in between industrial and modern design, then you can’t go wrong with this one. It is a simple but beautiful faucet which is just gorgeous with the details it has. With around 750 CAD it is an affordable designer faucet from Kohler.

3.Trinsic by Delta

If you are looking for one of the cheapest faucets out there, which is still beautiful, you will probably go with this one. With less than 350 CAD you will get a single handle kitchen faucet in an awesome black, which will fit in almost every home. Wayfair in general is a good online shop for cheap designer options. 

4.Elements 21 by Watermark Design

Watermark designs do have an excellent eye for awesome designed faucets, but they also know how to charge for it! With approximately 2,500 CAD the faucets of the ‘Elements 21’ collection aren’t cheap, but they are freaking GORGEOUS! With the options of different colours, wall mounted or top mounted and different materials, there is something for everybody. The simplicity of their design is breathtaking! I just love how they managed to create such an elegant faucet!

5.GIO 13

If you like the design idea behind ‘Elements 21’, you could also go with this lovely piece. It is called ‘GIO 13’ and with a cost of around 1,200 CAD, it is just the half of ‘Elements 21’. Sure, It is still a lot, but the quality you get back for your money is awesome! You have to separate handles with a straight and simple design, which let it appear so elegant.

You’ve found some beautiful faucets as well? Please leave me a comment or send me an email, I am so curious what else is out there!

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