What to do before starting a renovation

Your kitchen is just boring and outdated, your bathroom wasn’t renovated for more than 20 years and this fireplace is everything but inviting and cozy!


You have seen all this beautiful pictures on pinterest or houzz and want to have exactly that as well! I know this feeling, I would probably need 50 houses to realize all my visions 😀

This phase is so exciting, but it still takes a lot of preparation until you can start using any tools. Why? Because you want this renovation to run as smooth as possible and you don’t want to waste money and time. Am I right?

The first step would be to finalize your budget! You have to know how much you are able to spend, and now, start to calculate with just 80% of it. You always have to keep some room for contingencies because you never know what unexpected expenses will appear.

Step number two: Check what you can get for your money!

If you are not sure if your budget is big enough for what you are visioning, check some sample projects on There you can compare the size of the renovation with the size of your wallet.

After getting a first feeling if everything works for you so far, you should really think about how you want to get your dream home. How big is the project? Am I handy enough to do it by myself? Can I vision it perfectly? It is really important to be totally honest with answering these  questions, because they can tell you, that you probably will need to hire a designer or/and a contractor. If you realize, that you have to hire professionals, you will also be able to realize, that your budget for your actual renovation is getting smaller and smaller. Don’t get frustrated at this point, it is important to be honest here because it can prevent spending too much money and go over budget!

If you decide to get help by a designer and/or contractor you will have to find the right people to work with. At my blog article ‘how to find the right contractor in 9 steps’ you can find some helpful tips to get the right people to work for you.

At this point you should also start to think about building permits. Depending on the size of your renovation and if you do some changes to your floorplan, a building permit is probably required and it will increase the resale value as well. If you are not sure, you always can call the city you live in and ask them. It is their job to assist you with that.

You are so close to finally start your renovation, there are just two last steps! YEAH!

Whatever room or area gets renovated, move your possessions and store them in a save area, where they don’t get dirty or damaged. You never want to start packing a day before or even on the same day as the contractor will start on your home. That means of course, if you hired a contractor. When you do the renovation on your own, clean everything out anyways!

And now, the last and final step before you can start your renovation: MOVE OUT!

Living in a construction side during many weeks is additional stress you really don’t need. If you are renovating your only bathroom of the house, move out! You are updating the whole house? Move out! You are redesigning your kitchen and have no space for putting a temporary kitchen somewhere else in the house? You really should move out. Believe me, it will cost a little bit more money, but it will be worth it! Just to be able to relax and not seeing the construction chaos 24/7 is helpful. That for sure will help you to survive your renovation.


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